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Selling or closing down an economic association

There are several different ways to end your involvement in an economic association or to wind it up. Regardless of your situation and what is to happen with the association, it is important to start in good time.
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Selling or transferring

If you want to end your involvement in a financial association, you can either sell your share or transfer it to someone else.

Sell your share

Succession of generations

Liquidation, bankruptcy or merger

If you are going to wind up your economic association, it can be done either by liquidating it or by filing for bankruptcy with the district court. It is also possible to merge the association into another association.

Dissolve the association through liquidation

Apply for bankruptcy

Fusion - the association merges into another association (bolagsverket.se) (in Swedish)

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Laying off employees

When you are winding down your business, staff often have to be laid off. Find information about which laws and regulations apply to termination and dismissal.

Laying off employees