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Selling or closing down a trading or limited partnership

Here we have gathered information for those of you who run a trading or limited partnership and will not continue to do so. Regardless of your situation and what you are going to do with the company or your part in the company, it is important to start in good time.
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Selling or transferring

If you want to sell or transfer the company, there are several things to consider. A change of ownership may mean that you need to contact one or more authorities.

Sell your share in the company

Sell the business

Succession of generations

Liquidation or bankruptcy

If you are going to wind up your business, it can be done either by closing and deregistering it or by applying for bankruptcy at the district court.

Dissolve the company through liquidation

Apply for bankruptcy

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Laying off employees

When you are winding down your business, staff often have to be laid off. Find information about which laws and regulations apply to termination and dismissal.

Laying off employees