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When an employee becomes ill

Read about what applies if your employee falls ill and what responsibility you both have. You will also find information about how you can reduce and prevent sick leave.

Sick leave

If your employee falls ill and cannot work, you must pay sick pay for the first fourteen days. If your employee is away for more than 14 days, it is time to report the sick leave to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

Sick leave

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Rehabilitation for your employees

An employee's ability to do their job may be reduced. This could be due to an illness or an accident, for example. In such cases, you as an employer are responsible for taking measures to enable the person to return to work.

Rehabilitation for employees


Reduce the sickness absence

When you care about your employees' health and actively prevent causes of illness such as stress, you get a healthier, more enjoyable and more efficient workplace. You can use occupational health care to see what can be done at your workplace, and give your employees wellness opportunities.

Reduce the sickness absence


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