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Job, “VOB” and “VAB” – what happens when your child is sick?

It is common that entrepreneurs need to take care of sick children. Some choose to work while home with a sick child ("vob") instead of taking time of from work to care for the child ("vab").

  • If you are two parents, you can each take half a day to care for the child. 
  • If you or the other parents cannot take off work to care for the child, a trusted person like a neighbour or relative can do this. 
  • To be entitled to compensation to cover time off work to care for a sick child (VAB), you must forego salary or any other compensation from your company during that time. If it is grandpa who is caring for the child, then he must still have a job to be eligible for compensation. 

What is the difference between VAB/vabba and VOB/vobba? 

VAB is when you take time off work to be home to care for a sick child and receive compensation for this from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. VOB is when you work from home while taking care of a sick child. You are not eligible for compensation from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency if you VOB. 

Are you allowed to combine working and VAB? 

No, with VAB, you must completely refrain from working. However, parental insurance is flexible. You can VOB for part of the day and VAB for the rest of the day. It is important that you do not claim compensation for VAB from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency while working in your company. 

Are there special rules for self-employed people? 

No, the same VAB rules apply whether you are self-employed or employed by someone else. What is important to remember is that the way the compensation is calculated differs depending on whether you have a limited company or whether you are a sole trader. 

If you have a limited company, it is important to draw a salary each month. The compensation from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency is based on salary. 

If you are a sole trader, the Social Insurance Agency will calculate your compensation in a different way. It is then your income from business activities that determines how much compensation you receive from the Social Insurance Agency. 

If you have a company that you registered less than 36 months ago, special rules apply. In such case, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency calculates your compensation based on what an employee with the same work tasks, education/training and experience would have received. 

How can employers make it easier for employees with sick children?

It is always a good idea to have a dialogue with your employees, for example whether it is okay to VOB and under what conditions. But also that there is no requirement to VOB. 

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