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Selecting a market, sales channel and payment method for foreign trade

This page contains information about different sales and distribution channels, payment methods, and important considerations when choosing a market.

When you are looking to expand outside Sweden, you should conduct a market analysis and acquire knowledge about the new market. This may mean that you need to take a closer look at the following areas.

How you should market your product or service depends on the market to which you intend to export. Many companies around the world follow the advertising and marketing communication rules issued by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Bear in mind that you must also observe the marketing rules that apply in the country where you will be marketing your goods and services. 

ICC’s rules on advertising and marketing communications at ICC (in Swedish) 

Cultural factors 

Cultural factors can relate to the country’s norms, language, culture, public holidays, religion and what is politically correct. Your brand, colours, choice of words, packaging, symbols and offerings may be perceived in a different way than you intend. It can therefore be useful to enlist the help of someone who knows the market, such as an agent or reseller. 

Customer Service 

Different rules apply in different countries regarding the level of service you must provide. Learn the consumer law in the country you want to export to, and bear in mind that good service is important for your brand. 

Intellectual property law 

If you want to protect a design, trademark or patent in the export market, you must apply for protection that is valid in each country. This area of law is called intellectual property law. 

Find information about different ways to sell your goods and services in other countries.

Find information about different forms of payment and how you can hedge your risks. 

Regional exportsamverkan(Regional export collaboration) is partnership  between government agencies and organisations that offer advice, financing and other support to those who want to expand internationally.

More information and contact details for Regional exportsamverkan (in Swedish)