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Agriculture and food exports

This information is aimed at those you who plan to export food or agricultural products. You can read all about how to export products from Sweden here. You should already know what rules and regulations apply for the purchase/sale and dealing with the products within Sweden.

When you sell to customers in other countries, you often need to comply with a number of requirements that these countries have established, in order to be able to bring the products into the country. This information will provide some assistance to you along the way, however you most likely will need to contact the public authorities or other parties in the recipient country in order to obtain the full picture of what you will need to do.

There is a huge difference between selling products to another EU country and exporting to countries that are not in the EU.

Member states of the EU at the European Union’s website

There are other guides and compilations that may be helpful to know.

The National Food Agency’s brochure on food exports provides an overview of issues that you may need to consider when shipping foodstuffs to other countries. It is primarily aimed at those who are starting-up a company or who are running a small business.

The Swedish National Food Agency’s brochure about export of food (in Swedish) 

The trade guide at the Swedish Board of Agriculture can of assistance to you to find the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s information about the applicable rules and regulations when exporting agricultural products/food to other countries. It also contains comprehensive information about which other public authorities you may need to contact. 

Trade with food and beverages at the Swedish Board of Agriculture (in Swedish)

Trade in animals, feed and animal products at the Swedish Board of Agriculture (in Swedish)

Trade in plants, seeds and other plant products at the Swedish Board of Agriculture (in Swedish)

Business Sweden’s transport of food guide compiles what you need to consider when transporting food.

Guide to Foodstuffs at Business Sweden (in Swedish)

Try Swedish!

Try Swedish! is the official Swedish trademark for marketing of Swedish food and drink abroad. 

You will find articles about Swedish food and food culture here, as well as events and projects that are being held globally.

To the website for Try Swedish