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Protect your business name

The business name is the company's external facade. Protect your business name by registering the business in the e-service at verksamt.se.

Protect your business name 

  • For sole traders, trading partnerships and limited partnerships, the name is protected in the county where the business is located. Limited companies and economic associations get name protection nationwide.
  • The exclusive right to a business name applies within the business sector which you have selected when registering the business.
  • There are special regulations for each different form of business with regard to what the business name must contain; all limited company names must include the word “aktiebolag” or “AB”, for example.
  • If you are starting a sole trader, you do not need to register the name with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. But it can be a good idea to do so, if you want to prevent others from using the same name.

Use our service, Help choosing a business name, if you want to get help choosing a name for your business. Please note that this service is only available in Swedish.

Help choosing a business name

Register via form

If you are unable to use the e-service, you can instead register the business and protect your business name using the paper form.

Find out more and download forms at the Swedish Companies Registration Office

Examples of business names

  • Invented words: Cajin
  • Invented words + business words: Cajin Finance.
  • Name of a person + business words: Bo Alm’s Carpentry
  • Letter combination + business words: CK Bicycle Workshop
  • Geographical names + business words: Sundsvall’s Corner Shop.

A business name may not

  • just describe the business, such as Bicycle Workshop 
  • be easily confused with another company name or trademark
  • include words that imply another form of business; for example, a sole proprietorship may not include the abbreviation AB (Swedish for ltd.)
  • give the appearance of being a domain address
  • contain a word suggesting a business other than the business the company conducts; for example, a company whose company name contains the word “veterinarian” must carry out veterinary activities.

Business names and trademarks

A business name is not the same as a trademark.

The difference between a business name and a trademark

Act quickly if you want your new business name as a domain name

Having an internet presence in the form of a website requires a domain name. If you want a domain name containing your business name, it is a good idea to register the domain name as soon as possible.

The Swedish Internet Foundation (IIS) has noted that new business names registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office are systematically registered as domain names by parties other than the company’s representatives. This means that if you have started a company, you will be unable to register the corresponding domain name, as it has already been taken. IIS is therefore encouraging all entrepreneurs who intend to register new company names, and who want a domain name, to register the domain name as soon as possible.

Check if the domain name is free at the Swedish Internet Foundation

Monitor if your business name has been approved

Using the Swedish Companies Registration Office’s e-service, you can easily find out if your business name has been registered.

Find a file or see if an annual report has been registered in the e-service (in Swedish)