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Search for company or case

Log in to search for a company or case at the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

Please note that this service is only available in Swedish. You need a Swedish BankID in order to log in to the service.

Learn about BankID at bankid.com

Do you help others to report and make changes to their companies?

You can, for example:

  • register a company or association
  • report changes for companies or associations
  • supplement your cases, i.e. submit missing information or documents.

Power of attorney

If your case regards an economic association or a tenant-owner association you can get a power of attorney through your customer. With the support of the power of attorney, you can sign the notification to the Swedish Companies Registration Office. The power of attorney applies to both matters sent in by post and via verksamt.se.

Power of attorney for you who help other companies at The Swedish Companies Registration Office (in Swedish)

Representative for companies at the Swedish Tax Agency

If you are a representative for a company, you can use the Tax Agency's services. Read more about how it works at the Swedish Tax Agency.

Representative for a company at the Swedish Tax Agency (in Swedish)

Fees for cases

Some services offered by the Swedish Companies Registration Office are subject to a fee.

See current fees for the most common cases