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E-identification on verksamt.se

You need to have valid Swedish e-identification when you use the e-services on verksamt.se. You need e-identification in order to identify yourself and to sign electronically.

You can obtain e-identification from your bank or Telia. You must be registered as a resident in Sweden to be eligible. Read more about e-identification:  

You can also download the app Freja e-ID from App Store or Google Play. To be able to log in to our e-services we require that you upgrade to Freja e-ID plus. 

Go to Freja e-ID's website

You can also log in to the e-services using Mobile BankID. Mobile BankID is an e-identification on mobile phones and tablets. Follow these steps in order to use Mobile BankID:

  1. Install the app for Mobile BankID on your mobile phone or tablet. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.
  2. Log in to your internet bank as normal and obtain your code for getting started with Mobile BankID.
  3. When you log in to My pages on verksamt.se, choose Mobile BankID and follow the instructions.

You can read more about Mobile BankID on Bankid.com. This includes information about the mobile devices and operating systems that support the app.


When you send in an application to a government agency via the e-services on verksamt.se you must sign the application with your e-identification. This is legally binding like signing a printed form by hand.

Choose one of the following links to check if your e-identification is working correctly. Contact your bank if problems occur or if the test fails.

Or you can contact the Swedish Companies Registration Office on +46 771 190 300.