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Rules for our social medias

Verksamt.se is active on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube. In our channels, we want everyone to feel welcome to comment. Therefore, we take active responsibility for the discussions in the comments section maintaining a good tone, being constructive and factual. Between 09:00 and 16:30 on weekdays, we answer your questions, but not individual cases.

Management of comments in social media

For an open and fruitful dialogue, we ask you to use a good tone and respectful language. Comments that:

  • contains spam, advertising and marketing for companies, organizations, services or products is not allowed and will be removed
  • contains sensitive personal data or that infringes on personal integrity, we remove with reference to the data protection regulation
  • contains information covered by confidentiality is removed
  • is offensive, discriminatory, contains personal attacks or incites crime will be removed immediately
  • contains serious threats and incites crime are reported to the police.

Verksamt.se is covered by the principle of publicity. Our posts and comments from users are public documents, and may be disclosed to whoever requests it. If information is considered confidential, it will not be disclosed.

More about the data protection regulation at the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection

This is how we process your personal data

Verksamt.se is the personal data controller for the information we collect. As verksamt.se is a joint authority website, we may process personal data when it is necessary to work efficiently with assignments.

Processing of personal data at verksamt.se