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Through our social medias and newsletter you can receive tips, advice, news and much more. You will also get the latest information to companies from the Swedish authorities.


Our Instagram account is for those who are about to start a business or who already run a business. We share tips and advice and, of course, the latest news from the Swedish authorities. You will get to follow us behind the scenes and meet our dedicated experts from Swedish authorities. You can also ask questions in direct message or in the comment field.

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On Facebook, we share information, tips and news from Swedish authorities for those who are about to start a business or who already run a business. You can also ask us questions in the comment field.

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On Linkedin, you who work as an advisor, promoter or agent can keep up to date with the latest information from Swedish authorities to companies. We also highlight things that the entrepreneurs you are in contact with may need to be reminded of. If you are curious about who works with verksamt.se – and with what – this is the channel for you.

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Discover our Youtube channel! You will find informative films, animations and webinars. In our animated films, we provide short explanations of topics and concepts such as how vab (care of sick child) works and what phishing is. In our webinars, our authority experts dive deep into topics such as starting your own business, company name and brand, hiring staff and foreign trade.

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When you run a business, there is only one newsletter you need – we collect information from several Swedish authorities in one email.

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In order for us to create more relevant content for our channels, we welcome tips and feedback on what you want to see more of. Please tell us what you think we do well and what we can do better. Get in touch with us via direct message (DM) on Instagram or send an email. And by the way, if you see something you like, feel free to comment or share the content with your friends!

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