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Laws related to consumer rights

If you plan to sell goods or services to consumers, there are certain laws you need to know about. Different laws apply depending on whether it is a service or a good and whether it is sold physically or at a distance.

When you sell goods and services to consumers, you are subject to the rules of the Consumer Sales Act (konsumentköplagen) and the Consumer Services Act (konsumenttjänstlagen). These laws are binding for the benefit of the consumer, the private individual. This means that you must not give the consumer less favourable terms than those set out in the law. 

The Consumer Sales Act (SFS 1990:932) applies to the sale of goods and digital content. The law applies to all goods, including second-hand goods and goods sold at a reduced price. The law also applies to the exchange of goods and to orders for goods to be manufactured. 

The Consumer Services Act (SFS 1985:716) applies when you as a business provide services to a consumer. The law applies to work on movable property such as cars, clothes and mobile phones. It also applies to work on fixed property, to buildings or other facilities on land or in water and to the storage of movable property. For example, it could be for building renovations, painting work or building a dock. There are some services not covered by the Act, such as treatments for people or animals, the manufacture of goods, and transport services. 

The Consumer Contracts Act (avtalsvillkorslagen) (SFS 1994:1512) contains rules on what applies when you as a business sign contracts with consumers. The law applies to all contract terms that businesses use when they offer goods and services to consumers. 

If you sell goods or services to consumers at a distance, you must comply with the Act on Distance Contracts and Off-Premises Contracts (SFS 2005:59) (DAL). This means, among other things, that the buyer has a right of withdrawal for 14 days from the date the buyer receives the product. There are situations where the buyer has a longer right of withdrawal, as well as situations that are not covered by the right of withdrawal. 

The Electronic Commerce Act (E-handelslagen) (SFS 2002:562) imposes a number of requirements on you as a seller to provide certain information to your buyers: 

The seller's name, address, email address and company registration number must be included in the webshop. 
The price of goods and services must be clearly stated. If taxes and shipping costs are not included, this must be specifically stated.