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Agreements and invoicing

Learn more about agreements, writing contracts and invoicing. See which laws that apply to consumer rights and what you can do if a dispute arises.

Writing contracts

We have made a summary of what a contract should contain. We cover what an agreement is, why it is good to have an agreement, how to make changes and additions and what you can do if you find yourself in a dispute.

Writing contracts

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 Woman writes on a paper.

Send invoices

What should an invoice contain? How do you calculate the VAT and is it possible to charge an invoicing fee? What is the benefits of invoice with e-invoice? Here are answers to those questions and more information about invoicing.

Send invoices
Send e-invoices

When you sell to consumers

If you plan to sell goods or services to consumers, there are certain laws you need to know about. Different laws apply depending on whether it is a service or a good and whether it is sold physically or at a distance.

Laws related to consumer rights

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