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Develop and retain your employees

Find out where you need to strengthen and involve your employees in continuing to develop together with the business. Get tools to see and develop existing resources.

Map the company's competency

Get an overview of the skills in the company and take advantage of the knowledge and strengths of your employees in the best way. By making a skills profile for your employees, you get a good overview of the company's skills.

Competence inventory and competence matrix

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Set routines for employee dialogue

Find what motivates your employees by having a continuous dialogue about well-being, development and goals. This also increases the desire to contribute to the company. Also make sure to conduct more formal employee interviews and follow up and evaluate.

Set routines for employee dialogue

Find new development paths

Try to set aside time for the development and learning of your employees. Find simple ways to learn and spread competence in everyday life among your employees.

Find new development paths

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