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Set up procedures for performance reviews

A prerequisite for your company to grow and develop is that your employees do too. Involve them in planning and set individual goals that clearly feed into the company's overall goals and vision. Performance reviews are a good way to capture needs, thoughts and ideas that benefit both them and the company. For maximum impact – follow up and evaluate.

Performance reviews

Start each financial year with individual performance review interviews with all your employees. Focus on the employee and talk about the situation from different aspects such as tasks, role, team and well-being. Look ahead and work together to create a plan for the employee's goals and development in the year ahead. Use the role description as support, and use a template for the interview to ensure you cover all important areas and document what you have agreed.

Individual goals

Make the employee clearly involved in the overall success of the company by agreeing on clear individual goals for the year. These can be both hard (output, knowledge etc) and soft (behaviours, attitude etc) targets. The important thing is that they clearly contribute to the overall goals in your company presentation and that they can be evaluated.

You can ensure the competence of your company by using validations as a development goal for your employees. This is useful and important for the employee as well, as it provides good opportunities for further job-specific development and can also be a requirement for recruitment.


Throughout the year, follow up regularly on the interview, the plan and the status of set goals to maintain focus, ensure you are moving in the right direction and that progress is being made. Follow-up and continuity of dialogue will enable you to quickly identify changing conditions or other circumstances that may mean that goals need to be adjusted, and to ensure that the right support and resources are in place for the best chance of success. It is important that you as an employer is sincere even in situations where set goals have not been achieved. If the employer wishes to terminate the employment at a later stage, what has been discussed in the employee meeting may be invoked by both the employer and the employee.


At the end of the year, evaluate the outcome of the goals set with the employee. Prepare individually and present your assessments to each other with well-founded arguments and examples. Let the achievement of goals and their contribution to the overall company goals be a clear part of the basis for salary review, bonus or other reward systems.

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