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Employee retires

Employees can choose to withdraw their public pension from the time they reach the age of 63. However, all workers have the right to work until they reach the age of 69.

Retirement pension

An employment is terminated when the employee reaches the age of 69 by the employer giving written notice no later than one month before the 69th birthday. If the notice is given after the 69th birthday, the employee is considered to be employed indefinitely, but with a shorter notice period - a maximum of one month.

Once you have given notice that the employment is to end, you can enter into an agreement. Regardless of the form, the agreement is normally binding for both parties for a limited-term employment.

If the employee wants to stop working earlier without this being regulated in the contract, he can resign in the usual way. In some agreements, the retirement age is lower.

Sick pay

You have the right to terminate the employment of someone who receives full sickness benefit that is not time-limited, previously called early retirement. This applies to employees between the ages of 30 and 66. In such cases, you must notify the employee in writing no later than one month in advance that the employment is to end.

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