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Businesses suffer when fraudsters use authorities' brands

Right now, fraudsters are using government brands to scam you as a business owner. Therefore, we would like to urge you to be extra vigilant about messages in the form of emails and text messages that appear to come from an authority.

During the autumn, the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the Swedish Patent and Registration Office and the Swedish Tax Agency have all experienced fraudsters sending false messages in the name of the authority. But how can you as a business owner know if the message you have received is fake or real?

Tips for spotting scam messages

  • If you received an email, you can start by checking the sender. If the email is sent from the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the email address ends with @bolagsverket.se. The same logic applies to other authorities. But look carefully - sometimes it's just a single letter that's different.
  • Be alert if you're asked to do things urgently, for example before a certain time. It indicates that there are scammers on the move - that's not how authorities communicate.
  • Another warning sign is if you are asked to provide information about bank account numbers or credit card numbers. Authorities never request such information in emails or text messages.

Are you still unsure whether the message is genuine or fake? Then you can contact customer service at the authority that claims to have sent the message.

What do you do if you have received a scam message?

If you think you have received a fake email or text message, you should:

  • not click on any links or buttons in the email or message
  • not open any attachments
  • not reply to the email or message
  • delete it immediately

If an accident still happens

If you accidentally click on a link, you can be hit by an extortion virus, so-called ransomware.

How to protect your business against phishing, malware and ransomware

If you have filled in or provided information and thus been exposed to fraud, you must contact the police to report the crime. You should also contact your bank as soon as possible to block cards and accounts.

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