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Here you can read news about current topics for those who want to start or run a business.

Soon you won't have to save paper receipts

24 May 2024 The Accounting Act is getting updated, and you no longer have to keep paper receipts. This change was approved by the parliament on May 22.

MSB urges: Prepare your company

23 April 2024 MSB's new campaign for companies focuses on the current security challenges and societal issues. As a business owner, it aims to make you consider your role in times of crises or conflicts, emphasizing its significance for both Sweden and your company.

Succeeding in a generational change

26 March 2024 Are you facing a change of ownership and succession of generations? Maybe this is something you've been thinking about for years or an idea that came up in connection with a major change in the company. For the Kvistberga family business, a major change suddenly became an opportunity when the next generation chose to keep running and develop the company.

Small and medium-sized companies can apply for support for energy efficiency

25 March 2024 EENergy awards over 900 grants of up to 10,000 euros to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for efforts that reduce energy consumption by at least 5 percent. The project is EU-funded and spans the whole of Europe.

Important income tax return dates for sole traders

4 March 2024 We have listed the most important dates for those of you who have to file an income tax return for a sole proprietorship. You can also watch a short film that describes how preliminary tax, income tax returns and final tax statements are connected.

Companies and associations will soon be able to hold digital general meetings

14 December 2023 After the turn of the year, it will be possible to hold company and association meetings completely digitally. In order to do so it must be stated in the articles of association or articles of association.

More companies must have channels for whistleblowing

11 December 2023 All employers with at least 50 employees must have launched a whistleblower function by 17 December 2023. The internal reporting channels for whistleblowing must be able to be used by a wide circle to raise the alarm about misconduct in the workplace.

Entrepreneurs risk lower pensions than employees

5 December 2023 25 percent lower pension compared to employees with a collective agreement, that's how big the difference can be for entrepreneurs. If, as a self-employed person, you want a corresponding pension, you must put aside money yourself. Monica Zettervall, pension expert at the Swedish Pensions Agency, gives advise on how entrepreneurs can save for their pension.

Businesses suffer when fraudsters use authorities' brands

30 November 2023 Right now, fraudsters are using government brands to scam you as a business owner. Therefore, we would like to urge you to be extra vigilant about messages in the form of emails and text messages that appear to come from an authority.

Write the correct price when you lower the price of your products

30 November 2023 When you lower the price of a product, it is not enough to show the regular price as a comparison. You must also tell costumers what the lowest price has been in the last 30 days.

Bag ban at all major events

2 November 2023 As of November 1, the Police has introduced a bag ban at major events in Sweden. The decision is due to the increased terrorist threat level. You who organize events are responsible for meeting the new conditions.

Restaurants will soon have to offer reusable packaging for takeaway food

20 October 2023 Do you sell takeaway food or drinks? From 1 January 2024, you must offer your customer the opportunity to receive the food in a reusable lunch box and the drink in a reusable cup. In addition, the customer must be able to return the packaging for washing. The change is introduced to reduce resource consumption and littering.

How you as an entrepreneur are affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine

1 March 2022 Due to the invasion of Ukraine, the EU has imposed sanctions on Russia. If your company trades with Russia, you may be affected by the restrictions. The sanctions apply to the sale, delivery, transfer and export of many goods and services. You can also find important information about current export restrictions, IT security, and what to do if you want to hire a person from Ukraine.