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Companies and associations will soon be able to hold digital general meetings

After the turn of the year, it will be possible to hold company and association meetings completely digitally. In order to do so it must be stated in the articles of association or articles of association.

During the pandemic, temporary legislation was added that made it possible to hold meetings digitally. The law applied until the end of 2022. With the experience from the pandemic years and the development of technology, the government has decided to modernize the legislation so that the possibility of holding digital meetings becomes permanent.

From 1 January 2024, companies such as limited liability companies, tenant-owner associations and economic associations can hold their general meetings digitally. The companies and associations that wish to use this possibility must determine it in the articles of association or the statutes.

In extraordinary circumstances such as a pandemic, the amendment to the law will also make it possible to hold digital meetings without support in articles of association or statutes.