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More companies must have channels for whistleblowing

All employers with at least 50 employees must have launched a whistleblower function by 17 December 2023. The internal reporting channels for whistleblowing must be able to be used by a wide circle to raise the alarm about misconduct in the workplace.

The requirement for internal reporting channels for whistleblowing can be found in the Whistleblower Act (visselblåsarlagen), which entered into force in 2021. Previously, private employers with at least 250 employees were covered, a figure that is now reduced to 50 employees.

A wide circle must be able to use the whistleblower system and be protected against reprisals. In addition to employees, for example, volunteers, interns, consultants and shareholders must be included in the protected circle of persons.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority is the supervisory authority and checks that businesses meet the requirements for internal whistleblower functions.

Read more about internal channels for whistleblowing at the Swedish Work Environment Authority (in Swedish)