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MSB urges: Prepare your company

MSB's new campaign for companies focuses on the current security challenges and societal issues. As a business owner, it aims to make you consider your role in times of crises or conflicts, emphasizing its significance for both Sweden and your company.

illustration person thinking about different critical events

Today we live with challenges such as climate change, rapid digitization, and a deteriorated security policy situation. This creates new vulnerabilities and demands a strong and stable business sector. Without functioning companies, we cannot produce the goods and services needed for society to operate during crises, increased preparedness, or war. Therefore, companies are an important part of Sweden's preparedness.

However, being prepared for the unforeseen is not only good for Sweden but also for your company. By envisioning different scenarios that could arise, you can improve the conditions for your company to withstand the challenges. With a prepared company, you can for example...

... adjust or adapt your operations when the market changes.

... be resilient to disruptions and interruptions – and recover faster.

... strengthen your brand by demonstrating societal engagement.

On MSB's website, you can find information and support if you want to learn more about the importance of companies for Sweden's preparedness in crises and wars, and what you can do to make your company less vulnerable. Here, you can also get help to find out if you operate what is known as a socially critical business and be inspired by how other business owners have worked to become more prepared.