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Here you can start and register an association. Read more about how it works and what distinguishes the different forms of associations.
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Economic association

Forming an economic association is an option if you are at least three people who want to run a business together.

How to start and register an economic association

Non-profit association

A non-profit association has a non-profit purpose or conducts non-profit activities. A non-profit association must not have the purpose of promoting the financial interests of its members by running commercial activities.

How to start and register a non-profit association

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Tenant-owner association

A tenant-owner association is an economic association. You can report changes to the board in the services here on verksamt.se.

How to start and register a tenant-owner association

Community association

A community is an area of ​​land or water that is shared by several properties. It can also be a communal facility, for example roads, playgrounds, boat piers or stairwells. To manage the community, the property owners form a community association.

How to start and register a community association

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Frequently asked questions about associations

Frequently asked questions about associations