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Starting and registering an economic association

You start an economic association with at least two other people, companies or organisations. An economic association must promote the financial interests of its members. This means that members must receive a financial benefit from participating in the association. Financial benefits can be, for example, employment, advantageous prices or reduced costs. Members' liability is limited to the capital invested in the association.

Write the association's statutes

You and the other members launch an economic association by writing its statutes. The statutes are the basic rules of the association.

Statues for economic association at bolagsverket.se (in Swedish)

Appoint a board of directors and auditor

The association must have a board of directors consisting of at least three members elected by a general meeting of members. An economic association must have at least one auditor elected by the general meeting, unless the statutes provide otherwise. When you start the association, you do not need to register an auditor with the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

Board and general director of economic associations at bolagsverket.se (in Swedish)

Auditor in an economic association at bolagsverket.se (in Swedish)

Hold a first general meeting of members

At the general meeting, the members shall decide on and approve the following:

  • the association's proposed name and statutes
  • board of directors and authorised signatories
  • one or more auditors.

Make a record of the meeting showing that the above points have been approved and agreed upon.

Templates for statues and minutes at bolagsverket.se (in Swedish)

Invest a certain amount

When you join an economic association, you must invest a certain amount. The statutes specify the amount of the investment and how it is to be paid.

Use the service at verksamt.se to apply to register your economic association. The Swedish Companies Registration Office sends a certificate of registration when the association is registered.

It costs from SEK 1,300 to register an economic association. Please note that you must have the association's statutes and the minutes of the general meeting ready before you start your application. These documents must be uploaded as PDF files in the service.

Once the association is registered and has received a company registration number, you can apply for F-tax approval and register the association for VAT and as an employer. Remember that the organisation needs to be registered as an employer if it is to pay salaries, fees or other remuneration of SEK 1,000 or more per year. This is both to board members or to others. Registration with the Tax Agency is free of charge.

F-tax, VAT, employer and SNI

More about taxes and contributions

Learn more about how to calculate the association’s tax and file a preliminary income tax return on the taxes for economic associations page.

Taxes and contributions for economic association

You should learn whether your business requires a license or any other form of application to public authorities, municipalities or other organisations. Special requirements may be imposed on the operator or the premises used by the business.

Find permit

You must register the beneficial owner of a new economic association with the Swedish Companies Registration Office within four weeks of the association being registered. A beneficial owner is the person or persons who ultimately owns or controls an association or company.

Beneficial ownership register at bolagsverket.se (in Swedish)

Frequently asked questions about starting an economic association

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