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Webinar – Hiring

There is a lot to think about before taking the step and becoming an employer. Hiring is a webinar aimed at those who are about to hire their first employee. You will get information about recruitment, taxes and fees and about what applies when your employees gets sick or is about to become a parent.

Watch the webinar - Hiring

The webinar lasts about one hour and is in Swedish, but you can add English subtitles.

Do you have questions about the webinar? Contact: verksamtlive@tillvaxtverket.se


Plan your recruitment and register as an employer

  • Needs
  • Find the person
  • Register the company as an employer
  • Pay salary
  • Employment support
  • What does an employee cost?

The employer's responsibility for the work environment

  • Systematic work environment
  • Work environment policy
  • If an accident occurs
  • Report injury

The employer's responsibility for sick leave, rehabilitation and parental leave

  • Sick leave
  • Rehabilitation
  • Parental leave