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Sustainable organisation

For sustainability work to be successful, it’s essential that you clearly demonstrate that sustainability is important and that it must permeate all parts of the business. By talking about sustainability, as a business owner or someone in another management role, you can generate motivation and innovation around this issue among employees.

Designating an individual to be responsible for sustainability work at your business is one way to show that you are taking the issue seriously and helps to ensure the work is more goal-oriented and strategic. This does not mean that only one person should work on sustainability. It is often better to involve multiple functions within the business because it is uncommon for a single person to have specialist expertise within environmental issues and economic and social factors, such as the work environment.

If your business is small, the person responsible for sustainability may also have other areas of responsibility. If it is a larger business, or one facing multiple and larger sustainability challenges, it can be useful to have one or more employees who focus solely on that field. It is important that those responsible for sustainability work are close to the management team in terms of organisational structure.

Below you will find additional information if you wish to know more about improving the social work environment in your organization. For example, the Swedish Work Environment Authority's checklists and guides for getting started with the work environment. There are also questions to consider specifically for this area.