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Charge for emissions of nitrogen oxides

Companies who are subject to the Environmental Charge for Emissions of Nitrogen Oxides from the Energy Production Act (1990:613) must declare their emissions once a year.

Information about the nitrogen oxides charge

The nitrogen oxides charge (NOx charge) is applied to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides from combustion plants that produce energy. Companies operating boilers, gas turbines and stationary combustion engines for electricity and/or heat production with an annual output of at least 25 gigawatt hours are subject to the NOx charge.

The Act (1990:613) sets out who is subject to the charge and which exemptions apply.

Emissions of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) from Energy Production Act (1990:613) (In Swedish)


Once a year plants that are subject to the Act (1990:613) must declare their amount of NOx emissions to the Swedish EPA as well as the amount of energy produced during the curret year.

Agency responsible

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Guidelines on the environmental charge for emissions of nitrogen oxides 
E-NOx: E-service for declaration of NOx emission (in Swedish) 
The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency´s website (in Swedish)


Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Customer service:

Phone: +46 (0)10 698 10 00

Address: The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, 106 48 Stockholm, Sweden

The nitrogen oxides charge group:

E-mail: nox@naturvardsverket.se