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Making sustainable choices

Making sustainable choices

As a business, you can make sustainable choices yourself and make it easier for your customers to make more sustainable choices. It can be challenging to figure out what is better or worse from a sustainability perspective, but investigating the sustainability impact of your products or services during their lifetime is an important element of sustainability work.

By understanding the impact your company has, you can make active choices in product development, production, distribution and purchasing. It is also easier to explain to customers why they should choose your products or services over those of others when you have made conscious choices and considerations.

Film: Seven smart tips for sustainable business

Want to be more sustainable? Here are seven specific tips for how to reduce the impact of your business on the environment and society, but also how you can ensure your business concept is long-term, relevant and competitive.

The film is in Swedish, but you can add English subtitles in the film settings.

Development of products and services

When developing products or services, you have a major influence on their impact on sustainability. By means of smart material choices, energy-saving solutions and functions that promote sustainable behaviour, you can generate real benefit for the user and the environment at the same time.

Sustainable product and service development


To ensure your production process is sustainable you need to make sure it is as resource-efficient as possible. By making use of modern environmental technology and digitalisation, for example, you can achieve greater efficiency, save money and ensure lower environmental impact.

Sustainable production

Distribution and transport

Transporting goods can have a major impact on the carbon dioxide emissions a business is responsible for. In order to minimise this, transport should be by rail as a first choice, and by sea or road as an alternative.

Sustainable distribution and transport

Suppliers and purchasing

We are seeing ever greater emphasis on how products are produced and how the entire supply chain performs in terms of sustainability. A business can take an active approach to sustainability issues within its own organisation, but if the product consists of materials that in turn have a high impact on the environment or are produced in a way that does not take into account social factors, the end product will not in fact be sustainable.

Sustainable supply chains

Sustainable meetings, conferences and events

No matter what type of meeting, conference or event you want to organise, you should consider how it could be made as sustainable as possible. It is always more sustainable to organise digital events and meetings, but if you need to hold face-to-face events there are some tips to make these as sustainable as possible.

Sustainable events

Film: Inspiration from two business owners who are incorporating sustainability into their operations

How does sustainable business work in practice? Discover how the company Essem Design incorporates a life cycle perspective, and how the firm RSCUED focuses on circularity with regard to food waste.

The film is in Swedish, but you can add English subtitles in the film settings.