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Contact us

Do you have a specific question or need assistance with a service? Please contact the customer service of the relevant authority.

Register as a sole trader, apply for F-tax, VAT and employer registration

Responsible authority: The Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket)

Register a company, company name and board changes

Responsible authority: The Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket)

In case of technical problems

If you are having trouble with your e-identification or logging in, you can find information and help at the following link.

Problems logging in or signing with your e-identification?

For other technical issues, please contact us by phone or send us a message.

Questions about the Services Directive

If you have general questions about the Services Directive (2006/123/EC) in itself, for example how specific requirements under an article of the services directive should be interpreted or applied, you are welcome to contact the National Board of Trade (Kommerskollegium).

Helpdesk Services Directive