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Accounting during bankruptcy of an economic association 

When an association is declared bankrupt, the representative of the association must submit income statements, not the receiver. During bankruptcy, accounting must be done as usual until the association is deregistered. 

You can also choose to submit income statements directly after bankruptcy. It is therefore you, as the representative of the association, who must provide the information and not the receiver. You must submit the statements by 31 January of the year following the income year.  

Association's income tax return  

Income tax returns must be submitted until the association is deregistered, whether or not there is any income to declare. Taxes must be reported as usual. It is the association's representative who is responsible for submitting the income tax return, not the receiver. This applies both to the period before the bankruptcy begins and during the bankruptcy.  

Taxable income in bankruptcy  

As a rule, the association is obliged to pay tax on all its income. This also applies when the association is declared bankrupt.  

If the association has income during the bankruptcy, it must be declared as usual in the tax return. This also applies if the association is a property owner. The association must then pay property tax for as long as it owns the property. Other examples of taxable income to capital gains on property sold by the bankruptcy estate and claims invoiced by the receiver.  


During bankruptcy, tax allocation reserves and compensation funds shall be reversed and taxed. This means that the amount reversed must be included as revenue the same year in which the bankruptcy was declared.  

Partners' income tax return  

The shares are considered divested on the day the association is declared bankrupt, i.e., when the bankruptcy is declared. Capital loss on qualifying shares in close companies is reported on form K10 issued by the Swedish Tax Agency.

Download the Swedish Tax Agency's form K10 (in Swedish)

Tax account  

Tax account is not affected by the bankruptcy of the association. However, the tax account statements will be sent to the receiver until the bankruptcy is concluded.  

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