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Selling a share in a trading or limited partnership

Selling a share in a trading or limited partnership

You can end your part in the activities of a trading or limited partnership by selling your shares. In principle, it works like selling shares in a limited company and the company is left with the same liabilities and assets as before.

A change of ownership involves several different phases. If you start the planning in time, you will be in control of the process. In this section, we consider the most important aspects of a change of ownership.

  • Motive: review why and how much of the company you want to sell.
  • Buyers: define the types of buyers you have in mind and how the purchase will be financed.
  • Advisors: use qualified advisors who can make objective assessments.
  • Structure: review your business's organisation and routine, so that it doesn't depend on you. A well-managed company will also be more attractive to buyers. 
  • Future: think about your role after the sale, check the tax implications and make sure you have funds to live on when you retire.

Always be careful whom you make a deal with when selling your business

Good to consider when selling or closing your business - The Swedish Companies Registration Office (in Swedish)