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Taxes and fees during succession of generations for a trading partnership

Managing tax and tax returns during succession of generations.

The company's accounting for taxes and fees is not affected by the transfer of an interest in the company to a new owner through a transfer of beneficial ownership. That is when your share is transferred to a new owner as a gift or in a will.

If there is a positive adjusted acquisition cost when you transfer the share beneficially, the transfer is not taxed. The recipient takes over the transferor's adjusted acquisition cost. 

However, if there is a negative adjusted acquisition cost, you must report a capital gain in the capital tax schedule. The capital gain is equal to the negative adjusted cost of acquisition, and you report it on the Tax Agency's form K15A. The recipient's adjusted acquisition cost is SEK 0.

An expansion fund can be taken over by the recipient under certain conditions. If the conditions are met, a written agreement is required on the transfer of the expansion fund in the event of a gift or estate division. In the case of inheritance and wills, a written declaration from the recipient that he/she will receive the expansion fund is required. This is required so that the Tax Agency knows who will be taxed on the expansion fund when it is reduced.

Tax allocation reserves may not be taken over by the recipient in the case of transfers of beneficial ownership. They must therefore be reversed for taxation.

Saved interest distribution cannot be transferred to someone else, even in the case of transfers of beneficial ownership.

Download the Swedish Tax Agency's form K15A (in Swedish)

Preliminary tax for partners

The preliminary tax you pay today as a partner is unlikely to be the same as the tax you will pay after you transfer your shares. To pay the correct preliminary tax, you should submit a new preliminary income tax return to the Swedish Tax Agency. In it you indicate your share of the company's result as well as taking into account funds that you have to reverse for taxation.

If you do not file a new preliminary income tax return, you will continue to pay the same preliminary tax as before. Otherwise, you risk a tax debt being handed over to the Enforcement Authority for collection.

Read about and submit a preliminary income tax return on the Swedish Tax Agency's website (in Swedish)