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Work environment for your employees

It is the employer's responsibility to ensure that the work environment is safe and that no one gets sick, injured or dies because of their work. It is important to work preventively to avoid stress and accidents at the workplace.

A well functioning work environment needs structure. SAM (Systematiskt arbetsmiljöarbete) is a regulation to systematic work environment work, SAM, is the basis for that structure.

In short, SAM helps you get an overview of your company's work environment and to organize the company's work with work environment. SAM guides you to create a safer workplace for all employees, a workplace where no one should be injured, sick or die on the job.

working in a way that can damage the body.

Easier than it seems

How your employees answer these three questions will give you an idea of what is important in order to create a good working environment in your particular business.

  • How do you find your workplace?
  • What contributes to your comfort there?
  • How can it be improved?

Remind employees that work environment is about physical, organizational and social working conditions when they answer the questions.

On the Swedish Work Environment Authority's website, you can find more information, examples and templates to help you improve your company's work environment.

Guide to improving the work environment at the Swedish Work Environment Authority

All workplaces with at least five employees must have a safety representative. The safety representative's task is to work for a good working environment and monitor that there is protection against ill health and accidents at work. However, the safety representative is not responsible for the work environment, the employer is.

Safety representatives at the Swedish Work Environment Authority

If you run a business with 50 or more employees, you as an employer are obliged to have internal reporting channels and procedures for reporting and follow-up.

A wide circle must be able to use the whistleblower system and be protected against reprisals. In addition to employees, for example, volunteers, interns, consultants and shareholders must be included in the protected circle of persons.

​Read more about internal channels for whistleblowing at the Swedish Work Environment Authority (in Swedish)

More detailed rules on working environment

The Swedish Work Environment Agency issues regulations that state in more detail what applies to the work environment, for example noise, hazardous substances, solitary work and the design of the workplace. It is your duty as an employer to know and follow the regulations that apply to your business.

Acts and regulations about work environment at the Swedish Work Environment Authority

The knowledge organization Prevent also has checklists for examining the work environment, assessing risk, proposing measures and following up.

Checklists for examining and assessing the work environment at Prevent (in Swedish)

Reduce sick leave and mental illness

There is a positive relationship between a good working environment, a good working climate and low sickness absence. By prioritizing your employees' physical and mental health, you can reduce sickness absence.

Reduce sickness absence

Do you have questions about work environment?

Answers to work environment questions

Contact the Swedish Work Environment Authority and get answers to your specific work environment questions, telephone 010-730 90 00.

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