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Earning money sustainably

Earning money sustainably

Profitability is a requirement when running a business. Contributing to a sustainable transition and earning money are not conflicting aims – quite often the opposite is true. Your sustainability efforts can set you apart from your competitors, or it may in fact be necessary and conventional for businesses in your sector to implement sustainability work.

Business model

The key to a successful sustainable business rests largely with the business model itself. You don’t need to start up a new company to make your current business concept sustainable. However, you may need to consider how you can deliver the same customer value in a new way.

Business models for sustainable business  


Sustainability for a business is basically a matter of understanding how to make money long term. Profit and profitability are a prerequisite in order to have capacity and resources to implement change and make investments. But this doesn’t need to be at the expense of employees, customers, the environment or society as a whole.

Profitability for sustainable business


In order to build credibility as a sustainable business, your funding needs to come from a sustainable source. Otherwise there is a risk of your business’ credibility being called into question. If you have investors in your company, you need to think about whether they are the right investor.

Funding for a sustainable business

Seven smart tips for sustainable business

Want to be more sustainable? Here are seven specific tips for how to reduce the impact of your business on the environment and society, but also how you can ensure your business concept is long-term, relevant and competitive.

The film is in Swedish, but you can add English subtitles in the film settings.

Film: Inspiration from two business owners who are incorporating sustainability into their operations

How does sustainable business work in practice? Discover how the company Essem Design incorporates a life cycle perspective, and how the firm RSCUED focuses on circularity with regard to food waste.

The film is in Swedish, but you can add English subtitles in the film settings.