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Apply for a payment order

If someone owes your business money but refuses to pay, you can get help from the Swedish Enforcement Authority by applying for a payment order.

You can apply for a payment order for most types of debt, such as if you lent money or sold goods and services. 

To be eligible for a payment order, the debt must 

  • be for money 
  • be due for payment. 

You apply for a payment order by filling in a form available on the Swedish Enforcement Authority's website. 

Once you have submitted the application 

The Swedish Enforcement Authority sends a letter, an order, to the person you want to be paid by (the defendant) with a receipt of service. If the defendant does not object to the order, the debt is considered to be correct and the Enforcement Authority issues a decision. The Swedish Enforcement Authority can then help you recover the debt. 

If the defendant contests the claim, the Enforcement Authority will not be able to issue a decision in the payment order. In such case, the Enforcement Authority can transfer the case to the district court at your request. 

Apply for a payment order at the Swedish Enforcement Authority (in Swedish)