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Judicial assistance and repossession

The Enforcement Authority can help you with judicial assistance when, for example, you want to have a certain property handed over or removed, or if someone is preventing you from using your property.

Judicial assistance 

There are two types of judicial assistance: ordinary assistance and special assistance. 

Ordinary assistance 

You can use ordinary assistance to get someone to hand over, or take away, an item or other property that is not money. Your application for judicial assistance can be combined with a payment order. 

If the person you are making a claim against contests the claim, the Enforcement Authority cannot decide on judicial assistance. In such case, you will have to decide whether the case should be transferred to the district court for adjudication. 

Read about and apply for ordinary assistance at the Swedish Enforcement Authority (in Swedish) 

Special assistance 

Special assistance can be used if someone has done something to your property without permission, or prevented you from using it. For example, a landowner may have closed off a road by putting up a gate for you and others who have the right to use the road. Or if you are a landlord who needs to get into an apartment and the person living there refuses to let you in. 

You can use special assistance when you have contracts, receipts, photos, maps, witness statements, meeting minutes, decisions or other written documents that prove your right. 

Read about and apply for special assistance at the Swedish Enforcement Authority (in Swedish) 


In some cases, as a seller, you can get the goods back by repossession if the buyer does not fulfil their part of the contract, for example if they fail to make their instalment payments. 

To be able to repossess a product, you must have sold it with a reservation of title or right of repossession, which gives you the right to cancel the purchase or repossess the product. If the buyer does not return the goods voluntarily, and the sales contract contains such a clause and the other legal requirements are met, you can apply for judicial assistance to have the goods repossessed by force. 

Read about and apply for repossession at the Swedish Enforcement Authority (in Swedish)