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Succession of generations of an economic association 

In this section you will find information on what you need to consider when qualifying shares in an economic association are transferred to a new owner, for example by gift. 

When a transfer is made by inheritance, will, gift or partition, it is beneficial.  

Qualifying share  

A share is qualifying if the shareholder or a related party has been active in the association to a significant extent during the year in which the shares are transferred or any of the five preceding years.  

The association is a close company if at least half of it is owned by no more than four persons. Several persons who are related are counted as one person.  

Regarding transfers of beneficial ownership  

If a member dies, their share automatically passes to their heirs or surviving spouse. However, membership does not transfer automatically; the party to the estate must apply for membership within 6 months. The articles of association may, however, contain provisions regulating what should happen to a deceased member's share, perhaps it must be offered to the other members.   

Anyone who receives a share through inheritance, gift or division of property must also apply for membership in the association.  

Report board changes  

If the association’s board changes as a result of the transfer, you must notify the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

Change the board and other information

If you are unable to use the e-service, you can notify the change via a paper form instead.  

The Swedish Companies Registration Office's form for notification of changes, No 914 (in Swedish)  

Regarding gifts  

A transfer is a gift if  

  • you give away your shares without receiving anything in return,  
  • it is voluntary, and  
  • the shares have been handed over.  

Regarding inheritance and wills  

When a member dies, the shares pass to the estate. The parties to the estate are responsible for assets and debts and for accounting for taxes and fees until the estate is distributed. The estate is distributed when the parties have divided the assets among themselves. If you are the sole party, the estate will have been registered when the Tax Agency has registered the inventory of estate.  

If it is a complicated and time-consuming estate administration, it is important to make a partial distribution so that the deceased's share in the association can be distributed to one of the partners. Until this has been done, no one can apply for membership. Membership must be applied for within 6 months.  

Change address  

If the association has registered a special tax address or visiting address with the Swedish Tax Agency, you may need to deregister or change it when shares are transferred.

Change address and contact information

Income tax return  

In the case of a transfer of beneficial ownership of shares, the transfer shall not be subject to taxation.