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Find a buyer for a trading or limited partnership

Suitable buyers for your activity may be in the vicinity or within the industry. Before the sale, it is important that the business is in a saleable condition.

Depending on your relationship with the business, there are different potential buyers. 

The Partnership Agreement governs how you can sell your share. One of your partners may be a natural buyer. In order for you to sell your share to a partner, there must be at least three partners in the company at the time of the sale. 

Business employees 

For you, it may be natural to consider selling the business to one or more of the employees in the first place. They know the business, so such a sale is unlikely to worry customers or other employees. 

Other businesses 

Sometimes a transfer to another business is the only option in a sale, as it often gives the seller a higher price than a succession of generations or sale to employees. Often this company is a customer, a supplier or - most often - a competitor. They are already in the industry and have an opportunity to increase their market share. 

Outside private persons 

For certain entrepreneurs, buying an existing business is an alternative to starting a business from scratch.