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Electronic application procedure

Legislation on services in the internal market aims to simplify matters for companies. The focus is on ensuring that procedures, particularly authorisation procedures, may be performed electronically and at a distance. The national points of single contact facilitate this.

The individual solutions used by the competent authorities will form the basis for the electronic point of single contact for services. Municipalities, County Administrative Boards and public sector agencies must provide e-forms or e-services in Swedish and English enabling service operators to apply electronically or notify the competent authorities via the point of single contact (www.verksamt.se). The competent authorities send this information to the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, which then links to all e-forms and e-services in the service Find permits.

Find permits

Where a service provider has submitted an application or notification to a competent authority through a point of single contact, the authority shall communicate with the service provider through the point of single contact in the ongoing handling of the case. The authority may propose another communication channel, but the service provider must be free to choose.

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