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Our free webinars are aimed at you who are about to start a business, have just started or want to develop your business. Meet experts from various authorities who provide you with basic information and tips in various areas.
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Setting up

No matter the company or industry, there are a few things to keep in mind before starting your own company. In our Setting up webinar, you will meet authority experts who summarize the most important information for you who are thinking about starting your own business.

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Foreign trade

If you are interested in trading with foreign countries, this webinar is for you. Here, the Swedish Customs and the Swedish Tax Agency talk about, among other things, import and export, trade within the EU and customs declaration.

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Company name and trademark

Do you know the difference between a company name and a trademark? And how do you protect them? Here, the Swedish Companies Registration Office and the Patent and Registration Office (PRV) talk about company names, name protection and trademarks, nationally and internationally.

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Hiring your first employee requires both planning before the recruitment and knowledge of various taxes, fees and rules that apply to employers. In this webinar, you will be guided through the entire process.

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Frequently asked questions about our webinars

Frequently asked questions about our webinars