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Webinar – Company name and trademark

Company name and tradmark is a webinar aimed at those who want to know more about this topic. We will talk about how to think when choosing a name for your company and go through the differences between a company name and a trademark.

In this webinar, you will meet experts from the Swedish Companies Registration Office and PRV, the Swedish Intellectual Property Office. After the broadcast, you will be able to chat live with our authority experts for about 30 minutes. All of our webinars are free of charge.

Company name (The Swedish Companies Registration Office)

  • The difference between trademark and company name
  • Choosing a company name
  • Register and protect your business name

Trademark (PRV) 

  • What is a trademark
  • Protect your brand nationally and internationally
  • Domain name

Who is the webinar suitable for?

The webinar is suitable for those who are knowledgeable about starting a business but want to delve deeper into company names and trademarks. 

Watch whenever you want

To ensure you receive accurate information, our webinars are pre-recorded. This means that you have the opportunity to watch the webinar whenever you want. The advantage of attending one of our broadcasts is that you can chat live with experts from participating agencies.

Do you have questions about the webinar? Contact: verksamtlive@tillvaxtverket.se