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Webinar – Setting up

Our webinar Setting up is tailored for those who are thinking of starting their own business. Get the basic information and tools you need to get started with your company.

In the webinar, you will meet several experts from the authorities behind verksamt.se. Participating here: the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the Swedish Tax agency, the Swedish Social Insurance Office, the Swedish Public Employment Service, the Swedish Pensions Agency and verksamt.se


Plan your start

  • Business idea and business plan
  • Budget and financing

Business type, company name and trademark

  • Choosing a business type
  • Register your company
  • Company name and trademark

Taxes and accounting

  • F-tax 
  • VAT
  • Register as an employer

Sickness pay for entrepreneurs

  • Sickness benefit qualifying income (SGI)

Do you need prior knowledge?

No. This webinar is suitable for those who are thinking about starting a business and have no prior knowledge.

Watch whenever you want

To ensure you receive accurate information, our webinars are pre-recorded. This means that you have the opportunity to watch the webinar whenever you want.

Watch the webinar Setting up

The webinar lasts about one hour and 20 minutes and is in Swedish, but you can add English subtitles.