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Webinar – Foreign trade

Are you thinking about starting a business with a focus on import or export? Or are you perhaps about to start selling your goods or services to other countries? Then this is the right webinar for you.

Watch the webinar - Foreign trade

The webinar lasts about one hour and is in Swedish, but you can add English subtitles.

Do you have questions about the webinar? Contact: verksamtlive@tillvaxtverket.se


Trade within the EU

  • Selling services to private individuals
  • Selling services to companies
  • Selling goods to private individuals
  • Selling ​​goods to companies
  • Buying goods from companies

Trade outside the EU – different scenarios

  • Selling goods to private individuals outside the EU
  • Dropshipping - E-commerce platforms
  • Selling goods to companies outside the EU
  • Buying goods from companies outside the EU

Trade outside the EU - customs legislation


  • Taxes and fees
  • CE marking
  • Free trade agreement


  • Direct export
  • Indirect export