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Plan your recruitment

Hiring an employee can be your biggest investment. It is important to think about the skills as well as the experience the company needs and how the company should develop. A well-thought-out plan is key to wise recruitment.
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Create a company presentation

A good start to planning your recruitment is to make a company presentation. The presentation collects everything from your business idea to how you want the company to develop, which roles it needs and what is important along the way. It provides a quick overview of future needs and forms a foundation for needs analysis and requirements specification before a recruitment.

Create a company presentation

Create an employee profile

Make an employee profile to optimize the chances of finding employees who fit in and enjoy working with you. Think about important things that you must have in common, such as values.

Create an employee profile

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Hold job interviews and choose the right person

By conducting job interviews with several different candidates, you can form an opinion about the applicants.

Interviewing and choosing the right person

Get support from the Swedish Public Employment Service


The Swedish Public Employment Service offers several free services to help you recruit staff. You can search for candidates directly on the website, meet candidates at a recruitment meeting, recruit through employment support or get help taking on an intern. The employment service can also help you find skills from other EU countries.

The Swedish Public Employment Service's services for you as an employer (in Swedish)

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