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Find the right channels for hiring

How do you find the right person for the job? Find potential employees and make early connections by learning more about where these people are and what they are interested in. You can also use the services of the Public Employment Service to help make new hires.

Find the right person through networks and existing contacts


Think outside the box: sometimes contacts can be made in completely unexpected contexts. Take advantage of the networks and social media which you and your colleagues have natural access to. Help each other to disseminate information about job vacancies or other skills needed for the company. Ensure that everyone understands how and where you communicate about company matters, so that it's easy to do the right thing!

Websites and forums

Increase your visibility on websites and forums where suitable candidates spend time. Get tips from employees and colleagues regarding where to look for information, and read articles for tips about where you are likely to find candidates.

Professional organisations/social networks

If you are a member of a professional organisation or association, you can benefit from the networks they offer. For example, industry meetings and trade fairs where you can create partnerships and candidate contacts. By joining a professional social network, you can also find new employees. You can gain access to information about registered members and their CVs.

Make new contacts


Create exciting contacts for future recruitment and find internship candidates by visiting schools. Check with your municipality to see what is available in your area, or contact specialised schools in your sector. Schools may organise market days where employers like you can come and make presentations.

Fairs and events

Appearing at fairs or events is easy and cheap marketing for sales, recruitment and partnerships. You may have the opportunity to exhibit, either on your own or with partners or suppliers. Remember that even as a visitor at the fair, you can make many new and rewarding contacts.

Recruitment services of the Public Employment Service

On the Public Employment Service's website for employers, numerous services are available which are adapted to the needs of employers in the process of recruitment.

Services and information for employers at the Public Employment Service (in Swedish)

Learn more about how to write a job advert, conduct an interview and choose the right person for the job.

Advertising, interviewing and choosing right

Quick help to find staff in the candidate bank

Search the candidate bank when you want to find staff quickly. It helps you to make an initial selection and allows you to contact jobseekers directly without intermediaries. The service is free of charge, employers only need to create an account.

Search for employees in Kandidatbanken at the Public Employment Service (in Swedish)

Conduct video interviews with HR support

Instant interviews allow you to interview people digitally. You in structuring and conducting brief video interviews that will give you an idea of the person behind the CV.

Snabbintervjuer at the Public Employment Service (in Swedish)

Search for employees who are new to Sweden

The Jobskills CV database helps you to find the right person for the job and identify new skills early on. It enables you to contact candidates who are new to Sweden.

Search for employees via the Public Employment Service (in Swedish)

Recruiting in Europe

The Public Employment Service helps you with everything from advertising in Europe to organising recruitment activities abroad.

Find your skills abroad with Public Employment Service (in Swedish)

Recruitment and staffing agencies

There are many recruitment and staffing agencies that can help you find the right person. You can find more information on hiring staff and hiring freelancers on the forms of employment page.

More information regarding different forms of employment