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Make a needs analysis

Analyse the need before recruiting to make sure that hiring is the best solution. Do you need more hands or a specific validation? Can you train existing staff or do you need to recruit? A thorough needs analysis will help you make the right investment.

The chance to adapt and steer

See each need for reinforcement as an opportunity to identify what the organisation needs today, as conditions change over time. Pull out your company presentation, look at stated goals and your plan for skills needs. How do these goals stand up? Does the plan still meet the needs of the sector and the world well or do you need to change something? Now is the time to strategically reinforce key areas with the right skills!

Internal skills

Personnel is one of your company's biggest costs, so always investigate whether a need can be met without recruitment – perhaps by changing working practices or developing the skills of existing employees. Validation of skills is a good tool to clearly see what skills exist and what needs to be supplemented. Involve employees by listening to their wishes for development. In this way, you increase the chances that skills will stay within the company.

Opportunity for change

Take the opportunity to strengthen the team from several angles when you bring in new employees. A homogeneous group can evolve from differences that bring new perspectives. It may be wise to look at the gender and ethnicity breakdown, for example, to strengthen the group in the right way if the opportunity is available in the selection process. Similarly, a diverse group can benefit and be stabilised by adding characteristics that the group currently lacks.