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Create an employee profile

You want to find employees who fit in, contribute, thrive and want to stay with you. With an employee profile as a basis for recruitment, you have the conditions for finding a successful match. It provides a clear picture of the key elements that need to align.

If you have a company presentation, it is a good idea to use it as a foundation when creating the employee profile to make sure that they align.

Finde out how to make a company presentation


Make clear what core values need to align between the company, the team and a new employee for a successful match. When the employee and the company agree on what is important, the employee will naturally be dedicated to the company and make an effort to achieve the common goals.

Personal qualities

Pinpoint what makes you as a team work well together. It is an advantage and strength to have a mix of personalities that complement each other in the workplace, but perhaps there are certain personal qualities that need to be present for you and a new employee to get along and work well together.


Increase the chances of finding employees who enjoy their work and want to stay with the company by matching their level of ambition and attitude to the job to see if it matches how you want employees to view their role and their and the company's development. Is it enough for them to come for the salary, or you need someone with more of a stake in things?


Determine what experience is required to function and be effective at your company. General work experience, industry experience, experience with a particular machine, technology, way of working, or element? How much experience is needed? Is experience needed at a particular level, responsibility, management or other?


Specify whether there minimum level of education/training required to be able to work for you. Also state what specialist training is required for your various roles and whether there may be alternatives that are acceptable.

If you hire someone educated outside of Sweden and have trouble understanding what it equates to in Swedish grades, you can turn to the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) for help.

Assessment of foreign grades at UHR (in Swedish) 


Specify which specialist skills are critical for your production. Do these skills need to be validated? Validation allows you to feel confident that the employee really does possess the sought-after skills. It also gives your company a significant stamp of quality, as it clearly demonstrates your employee's knowledge and skills compared to the requirements that the entire sector agrees on.

Svensk industrivalidering is a national system for validation in industry.

Validation at Svensk industrivalidering (in Swedish)

Broaden your perspective

What are you missing today? What cutting-edge skills would give you a boost? What personality type would challenge you to take new paths? Which group not represented in the company today would provide new useful knowledge and insights (older/younger, women/men, other cultures and so on). A broader perspective provides more opportunities to find new employees!