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Do you need a permit?

Do you need a permit?

It is important to find out if your business requires a permit, registration or any form of notification to authorities, municipalities or other organisations.

There are often special requirements for the business activities a company performs. Requirements may also be placed on you as a business owner or on the premises that you use. In order to start and run your business, you may need to apply for a permit or submit a report. Sometimes you have to get approval and sometimes it's enough to submit information. Laws and regulations determine what is required.

Find the right permit

In the Find permits service, you can see which permits and requirements may be needed for your business. Please note that the list does not cover all permits so there might be additional permits needed for your business. If you have a company in another EU/EEA country, unless otherwise stated, you will need the same permits whether you want to conduct permanent or temporary business in Sweden. This also applies to notifications and registrations.

In order to work in regulated professions, for example nursing, some form of identification or authorization is required. The service contains information about what applies to your profession in Sweden.

Find permits

Who issues permits?

Licensing and supervisory authorities may be local, regional, or national. Local and regional authorities include municipalities and county administrative boards. The Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Swedish Food Agency are examples of national authorities.

There may be some variation in the deadline for contacting an authority, the processing time and the level of application and regulatory fees. There are often special forms for providing the information needed.

You can appeal or request a reconsideration of an authority's decision that has gone against you. How and where you do this may vary depending on which authority made the decision and whether you are lodging an appeal or requesting a reconsideration.

If your application for a permit has been rejected

Point of single contact for service companies

Regulated professions