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Entrepreneur in the hospitality industry

Are you an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry? Here we have collected information and services to help you, with for example developing your business more sustainably.
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Sustainable business

We guide you to valuable information and services about sustainability at various authorities and organizations.

Sustainable business in the hospitality industry

Checklists, guides and services

On this page, we have collected tools such as checklists, guides and services that can be of help to you who are entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry.

Checklists, guides and services

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A person is resting on the mountain.

Nature-based tourism

Here you will find information with a focus on you who run companies that offer activities and other tourism services to visitors with the nature experience at the centre.

Nature-based tourism companies

Certifications and markings

Are you wondering about certifications and environmental labels? Here we have collected the most common certifications and labels for sustainability in the hospitality industry.

Certifications and markings

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