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Protect your business against money laundering and financing of terrorism

There is a risk that your company will be used for money laundering and financing of terrorism. As a business owner, you must prevent your company being used in criminal activity. Read more about what money laundering and the financing of terrorism mean for you as a business owner. You can also find links to more in-depth information about warning signs and how you can protect yourself and your business.

What is money laundering and financing of terrorism?

Money laundering is concealing that money or other assets come from criminal activities. For example, money from drug sales, tax crimes or fraud that is laundered to be used in the legal economy.

Financing of terrorism means financially supporting terrorism by collecting, providing, or receiving money or other property to finance terrorism. When financing terrorism, the goal is to hide the money transfer until the end goal.

Some companies are covered by the Money Laundering Act and must register with the Anti-Money Laundering Register. You can find more information about businesses and services that are covered by the act and how to register for the anti-money laundering register on the Swedish Companies Registration Office's website.

The register against money laundering at the Swedish Companies Registration Office (in Swedish) 

The Act on Measures Against Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism at Riksdag.se (in Swedish)