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Safe remote working

These days many people are working remotely, managing the company's data in ways that are new to many companies and employees. This can result in negative consequences for your business: that data is inaccessible when needed, or that data is destroyed or changed.

To reduce the risks, you need clear and simple routines that are adapted to your business. You and your employees need to know what is important to consider when working remotely.

Below, we have listed factors that are important to consider when you or your co-workers work from home.

  • Make sure your employees know and understand the importance of the routines for working from home.
  • Decide how to best connect to the internet. Is this to be done only via a mobile phone and their own mobile data or can employees use their home network?
  • Ensure that all employees can access the resources they need to do their job securely.
  • Make sure your co-workers and employees get help and answers to any questions as quickly as possible so that they do not take shortcuts and pose a security risk.

Things to consider when working from home

  • Do not use private devices for business-related work. Do not use company devices for private use.
  • Use the screen lock or always log off when you leave your computer.
  • Do not let unauthorized persons have access to sensitive information. Therefore, be particularly aware of the information you handle digitally, in paper form, and during phone calls and distance meetings.
  • Install security updates as soon as you are prompted (computers, tablets, and mobile phones).
  • All user accounts should have strong passwords. It is a good idea to use two-factor authentication where possible.